Our Future

On behalf of my Pastor Cornelius Fulford and the members of the First Baptist Church of Cutchogue, we want to thank you for reading this letter. About ninety years ago, our church was built on a small parcel of land. We worship and teach Sunday School in our small sanctuary. The Pastor’s study is also small and shared with the treasurer, deacons, computer, file cabinets, desk and a copier in the basement. Trustees conduct church business in the open because there are no other rooms to occupy privately. The bathroom is also in the basement and is difficult for the elderly to get to; and when it rains, the basement sometimes floods.

Our Pastor has a big heart and a loving soul and is truly on fire for the Lord. Over the years we’ve managed to outgrow this space and about twelve years ago, the Lord provided the opportunity and we purchased a much larger parcel totaling four acres of land located at 15945 CR 48 in Cutchogue, New York…approximately one mile from the existing church. We broke ground on April 28, 2001 and began building our 9600 sq. ft. church which is large enough to accommodate the members, family, friends, visitors and community members who come to praise the Lord.

When we started this journey of building this single level structure, we conducted all types of fund raisers and raised about $350,000 and then ran out of money about five years ago. With the money we raised, we were able to complete the steel structure, exterior walls, siding and roofing. However, the building interior and site (grounds) are incomplete and will cost an additional $1,070,000. This includes interior concrete work, insulation/sheetrock, ceilings, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, flooring, painting, the steeple, exterior lighting, parking lot, landscaping, etc.

We are a missionary church and our goal is to become very active in the community, the country and the world…. 1In January of 2012, 633,782 people were homeless in the United States (HUD Report, Dec 2012). 2The number has dropped by 17% between 2005 and 2012. (USA Today, Sept 2013). That means fewer Americans were homeless in 2012 than in 2005…that still leaves a little over half a million Americans who are in need of food, clothing and shelter. We will help to continue to reduce these numbers through programs such as the Senior Nutrition Program, Food and Nutrition Program, NA, AA, Youth Programs to give our young people the start they need to become productive citizens and Vacation Bible School for children, just to name a few ministries. We need to be more responsive to the needs of our community.

Recently, we applied and received our building permit. As we have a very reputable contractor who is willing to work with us, we need your support to help us complete this building. Please help us get through these difficult times and contribute whatever you can. Please don’t delay – the need is now.

We thank you in advance for your support and please keep in mind that we are a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please send your tax deductible contribution to:

First Baptist Church of Cutchogue New Building

P O Box 534, Cutchogue, NY 11935.


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