Our Pastor

PastorPastor1God has so graciously blessed to have the illustrious Rev. Cornelius Fulford as our Pastor. We know that the Lord, with his infinite Wisdom, Mercy and Grace, looked beyond our faults and saw our needs. He sent us an Under Shepherd to feed his flock – to restore them – to make them anew.

Pastor Fulford came to First Baptist in June 1989 and was installed September 24, 1989. His preaching, teaching and reaching out to lost souls have saved many souls. Because of this, members have been faithfully attending Prayer Service, Bible Study and Sunday School.

Pastor Fulford was instrumental in helping reorganize the C.C.C. Choir, a group of children who are singing from the depths of their hearts. In addition, the Junior Usher Board was reorganized and the Young Adult Choir changed their name to the Fulford Ensemble.

Under Pastor Fulford’s leadership, we have had nine Deacons installed:

Deacon Elias Grant, Deacon Cavin Milden,

Deacon Kevin Ford, Deacon Richard Turpin, Deacon Jesse Miles

Deacon Joseph Johnson, III, Deacon Antonio McGill Sr.

Deacon Clarence Parker, Deacon Charles Phelps, Jr.

Other deacons are:

Deacon Robert Hubbard who was ordained under the leadership of Rev. Clarence Burton

The late Deacon Willie Clinton and Deacon Roland Miles, Sr., who were ordained under the leadership of Rev. Willie Belcher, Sr.

Min. James Hubbard and the late Min. Charles Phelps have been elevated from their calling as deacons to Ministers.

Also on our ministerial staff there were two evangelists, the late Evangelist Viola Cross and Evangelist Lola Young.

Under his leadership, Deacon Antonio McGill Sr. has become a licensed minister and Deacon Kevin Ford is currently training to become a minister.