Our History

Our Church 1The First Baptist Church of Cutchogue was organized under the leadership of Rev. E. A. Green and a group of dedicated members in a little schoolhouse on Oregon Road, Cutchogue, New York in 1924. The Board of Deacons, Trustee Board, Missionary Society and the Senior Choir were established. Though days were long and times were hard, families such as Wyche, Carter, Strickland, Green, Pittman, Cook, Bates, and many more came together to praise, worship and serve the Lord. This was the time when there were no modern instruments, but you could hear heeltaps maintaining the beat. Hand claps and body swaying held the rhythm. This was a time when voices were strong and when every heart in the whole church would be filled. The spirit of the Lord could be felt throughout the community. The congregation flourished. The little schoolhouse could no longer contain the members on Oregon Road, Cutchogue, NY.

The foundation of the Lords house was constructed on November 25, 1924. This is evident by the cornerstone on the church. (Speculative) On December 15, 1925, they plunged forward, stepped out on faith and purchased a quarter of an acre of land on Middle Road, Cutchogue, New York for the amount of $866.00 from Frank and Anna McBride. Based on available data it is believed that the final construction of the church was in 1928, making the First Baptist Church one of the oldest black sanctuaries on Eastern Long Island. Trustees William Brown, Gilbert Davis, Kelsey Cosby, Anderson Cook and John Jacobs signed the deed. On this information a new Church was built.

Incorporation: 7th Day of March 1928
Legal Name: First Baptist Church of Cutchogue. E.A. Green, Presiding Officer, Anderson Cook and William Brown signed the incorporation.

Inspectors of elections and witnessed by L. B. Hill, Notary Public.

Former Pastors of the First Baptist Church of Cutchogue

Rev. E. A. Green (Founder 1924)
Rev. John Newcurt
Rev. John Jacob
Rev. R. M. Montague
Rev. Whittaker
Rev. Percy D. Tann (1947-1950)
Rev. Esau Cook
Rev. Clarence Burton
Rev. Otis B. Jetter
Rev. Willie Belcher, Sr. (1981-1989)

Associate Ministers

Minister Samuel White
Minister Clarence Miles
Minister Peter Matthew Strickland, Sr. (Licensed under Rev. W. Belcher, Sr.)
Minister Oliver Miles (Licensed under Rev. W. Belcher, Sr.)
Minister James Hubbard (Licensed 11/26/89 under Rev. C. Fulford)
Minister Charles Phelps, Sr. (Licensed under Rev. C. Fulford)
Minister Antonio McGill (Licensed 9/6/14 under Rev. C. Fulford)

Mother’s of First Baptist Church of Cutchogue

Ida Taylor – Wyche
Alma Hubbard
Ethel L. Strickland

Now we have the illustrious Rev. Cornelius Fulford, who God has so graciously blessed us with. We know that the Lord, with his infinite Wisdom, Mercy and Grace, looked beyond our faults and saw our needs. He sent us an Under Shepherd to feed his flock – to restore them – to make them anew.